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About Us

There was a time when most corners of the world were uncharted, and it needed guts to brave the treacherous seas while skies roared and heavens opened. Most local folks believed that the Gods were enraged, while others believed that the planet's doom was at hand. However, there was a small clique of folks who had no fear, never believed that they could be stopped, and chose to confront the extraordinary and embark upon an odyssey that would conquer the world. They feared no Gods, no men, no thunder, no lightning, for they were the conquerors of the seas, the Vikings.

When you have a heart that has never bowed down, the entire planet is yours for the taking, and when you conquer the world, it calls for a feast, a grandiose flurry of foods and drinks that would adorn your tables, fill your hearts and bolster your soul. Talking about drinks, Long Boat brings you the exclusive Vikings culture that would rekindle the long-gone days of conquering the seas, silencing the thunder and making merry boozes only for the brave.

From an authentic Viking ambience to glasses filled to the brim with guts and glory descending from the skies and splattered shields, Long Boat takes on a journey like none other. What are you waiting for? Step foot on the boat of the bygones, and the world will be yours for the taking, as they would say before the first sip, Skol



  • Guests must adhere to the managements Rules and Regulations.

  • Right to admissions is at managements discretion.

  • Any loss of personal belongings is not the managements fault.

  • Guests rules are without prejudice to the obligations of guests from generally bindings legal regulations, good manners, rules of civility and good behaviour.

  • No firearms, weapons or potentially harmful substances are allowed in the restaurant.

  • No drugs or use of Illegal or controlled substances is permitted in the restaurant.

  • Intoxicated or aggressive individuals, Individuals under the influence of drugs and individuals in inappropriate conditions will not be allowed.

  • In case of inappropriate behaviour, such as loud shouting, throwing objects, climbing furniture, spraying water around the restaurant or any incident of harassing others in the restaurant, the guest will be asked to leave the restaurant.

  • The management reserves the right to claim full compensation for any damage to equipment or interiors of the restaurant caused by the guest.

  • Any act of aggression or hostility or obscene or vulgar behaviour is strictly prohibited.

  • It is forbidden to enter areas that are off limits to general public (utility rooms, space behind the bar storage areas, kitchen etc)

  • Guest are requested not to disturb the neighbours of nearby buildings by making excessive noise in front of the restaurant.

  • Service of liquor to guests under 21 years is prohibited by law.

  • Consumption of food and beverage from outside will not be permitted inside the restaurant.

  • The management reserves the right to expel any guest from the restaurant for any inappropriate behaviour and / or violation of any House Rules hereof.

  • Management reserves the right to play music of its choice and guest will not compel management to accept special or regional or music of their liking.

  • Guests are requested to convey offers/discounts that they want to avail at the time of occupying table. After invoice/bill is raised, no offers can be accepted – including modification of the bill.

  • Management reserves the right  vacate or re locate overstaying customers.

  • Pets are allowed only in pet friendly zone (Pet therapy area). Pets are not allowed in any other area. Guests should ensure that others guests and /or guest’s pets are not disturbed by their pets and take all responsibility for the pets actions.

  • Guests are allowed to smoke only in smoking area. Strict action will be taken if guest smoke in other areas or non-smoking zones.

  • Last food and/or liquor order is at 12.15 am (mid night) and guest will vacate the premises by 12.50 am (mid night). Lights will be switched off by 1 am (mid night). No discussion or argument on this matter will be entertained. This is a mandate set by the government and police.

  • The Management reserves the right to levy Service Charge from a default rate.

  • Guests are strictly forbidden from tampering DJ console, speakers or any other equipment of the brewery.

  • Guests are expected to enter the premises in smart casuals and maintain the decorum of the brewery. Guests with open footwear are not allowed

  • The management reserves the right to modify these rules as necessary.

  • We reserve the right to charge “Cover Charges” for premium seating such as waterfall area etc.

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